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$ 53.99

100% COTTON "Pearl" Snap-up shirt  

created by LxKuhn includes a signed
"DREAM REAPER" mini-print (9"x12")

This variant is the same as the Full-color shirt but if you dont like wearing such LOUD shirts, this one is for you! The Pearl snaps are awesome!

DON'T FEAR THE REAPER! Wear him with this "High Styling", comfortable shirt from LxKuhn!  Kuhn's shirt design is from a 1994, Tool / Flaming Lips / Failure Rock Poster. 


Wondering what size you need? Check your other shirts in your closet! Sizing is spot on! They fit like a normal shirt but they don't stretch like a t-shirt so if you like a loose fit, buy a size bigger. If its too big, wash & dry it a lil' more!  It will shrink like all cotton shirts so don't over do it! 

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