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Lindsey Kuhn


$ 140.00

Green Jello, Tool, Pigmy Love Circus!

Screen printed in all it's glory!  3 colors 10"x26", Signed & numbered edition of 25 on Neenah 16pt. "Honeycomb" cover stock.

Every order includes 1 enamel "Dino Pin"! 

"In the fall of 1991, some friends asked me to do a screen-printed flyer for a party in Los Angeles. These prints were made to help promote the party and the bands playing that night. I did it for free and the rest is history…  There has been a bunch of hoopla about this particular poster over the past nine years. So here's the skinny in a condensed version-  There were about 75 posters printed for this party and most were probably put up somewhere in LA or given to friends of the bands.  All I know is that the poster became very popular because it was my first rock poster, and, because of its rarity, and, of course, it is such an awesome design! Ha! Or maybe, because it was the first silk screen print done for both of the bands. I was told along time ago that the party was Tool's first official show and the band recorded it… I think some of the songs are on their first record.  I kept in touch with some of the members of the band and did more work with them for a few years but eventually lost touch with them. Around 2008, I started getting tons of emails about this poster and sold most of the ones I had left.  Since then, I get emails a couple times a year from people asking about bootlegs of the poster.  I soon realized fake posters were out there and heard stories about who was making these fakes and that they were being sold as originals!  Several years ago, I confronted the bootlegger through Facebook and he told me that he would quit selling them after he gave me a lame story about the posters being legitimate.  The price of these fake copies has gone up every year and they are still being sold as originals.  I am sorry for all the people that paid for these fake photo copies of the original silkscreen print."-L. Kuhn

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