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Kuhn's 1st Poster

Sorry for the confusion. I tried to make something cool and some are not happy. I did not want it to be like this so here is all the info.
I can not do a 1 item limit on my shopping cart and didnt want flippers to buy them and resell, so I was releasing 20 posters of each edition, 2 editions at a time.  **** The other 5(per edition) I'm keeping for my archives***
There are 5 editions of 25.  
warm white 
gunmetal V 
Vellum white
Honeycomb V
Ice gold
I did not release these all at once because I want to give everyone that wants one a chance to get a print at a fair price.  
There were about 75 posters made originally made, I changed ink color during the original print run because it was all an experiment. 
When printing the second run I felt that I wanted to do the same and now days most posters are signed and numbered so this is how I broke them down.  5 sets of 25.  125 total(only 100 selling to public)  I hope this  would be enough to end the fakes. Hopefully for good.
I've heard the bootleg of this poster is priced up to $200 and sold as an original, so i think my price is totally fair. Its screen printed, limited and signed numbered by the artist. It comes with a signed book and an enamel pin.  I felt that if there were different variations it would continue to be worth something. Instead of doing 125 of 1 version. 
If anyone wants a refund(BEFORE THEY SHIP ONLY) or have any other questions please email. I did not mean any ill will or try to scam anyone. I felt enough was enough with the fakes so I made it available to those who have been asking for them. 
Lindsey Kuhn 

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