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            If there is a sublime correlation between art, music and skateboarding Lindsey Kuhn discovered it over 25 years ago.   He fused these passions allowing him to embark on a successful career spanning three decades.

 He was born 1968 in Evanston, IL then relocated to the Mississippi Gulf Coast at an early age. He started screen-printing t-shirts in 1983 to pay for maintenance of his massive backyard skate ramp (largest in the south at the time).   The popularity of his clever and provocative designs propelled him into the first phase of the life of a professional artist.

 Within a year of moving to Austin Texas in 1990, Kuhn started printing posters for Southern California based L’imagerie Gallery.  L’imagerie financed a print shop in Austin which produced art for Robert Crumb, Ed Roth, Robert Williams, Joe Colman, Frank Kozik , Coop and others.  Implementing this invaluable education Kuhn started to design and print posters of his own. He has worked with famous venues across the county like Jabberjaw, CBGB’s, Emos’s, Fillmore, The Metro, as a well as clubs around the world and of course in Denver.

 Today, Kuhn is an artist of international distinction. He is best known for his original silk-screened rock posters for a wide variety of bands such as AC/DC, Jonny Cash, Tool, The Pixies, Devo, Pearl Jam, Eagles of Death Metal and hundreds more.  His company Swamp, located in Denver, Colorado since 1997 also does custom printing and publishing for other artists.

  Kuhn’s work has been featured in many tv shows, movies & books over the years. Most noteworthy are the “Art of Modern Rock” & “Lure of the SWAMP”. “Lure of the Swamp” is the best compilation of the rock posters he’s created throughout his career.

 Kuhn’s work has received worldwide acclaim, including noteworthy shows in Japan, France, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina and many prominent galleries in America. He was also a featured artist in the documentary film, “American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art” (2009).

 His participation in the corporate domain features commissioned work for global entities such as Rhapsody, X-box, Camel, and Oakley. He also toured the SWAMP Art Exhibit with the “Southern Comfort Music Experience” for several years, displaying art & creating on the spot printing for each show.

 Through it all, Kuhn was a primary creative force in a movement that gave birth to a new art form. His influence on culture only continues to expand, confront and inspire all that follow.

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For more infomation please check out the book, "Lure of the SWAMP". It has more information than needed about the SWAMP.  Enjoy!

If you would like to contact Lindsey for art shows or custom work, email or you can reach him on his instagram page "@swampco"!