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Too celebrate the anniversary of Johnny Cash's show at emo's(March 17th, 1994) and to thin some fragile hologram prints that I normally bring to live show/booths to sell and havent been able too do them this past year. Its gonna be a hologram weekend. Stay tuned I'll keep putting more up this week as I find them!!

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UPDATE 1-10-21 Thanks for all of you that purchased a print during or after the show! There have been a few USPS delays but overall I think all prints were delivered. See you next time!! **Price Update 12-26-2020**      SEND YOUR OFFERS!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & Welcome to the fundraiser!! Thanks for your interest in these posters? If they are on the list that means there is more than one.  These are all original posters from Peter Ore’s collection. I have been making posters for peter’s shows since 1998.  This is why he has such a great collection. All posters...

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"Special X-Mas Eve" episode! Short & Sweet!  Talking about old (many long sold out) Kuhn Posters in "Peter Ore's collection" from many years of working together here in Denver.  Proceeds will be going to help fund "HQ" a Denver venue that is not having people in it due to covid.   The episode will be up for a week on SWAMPCO's instagram stories(IGTV), Facebook & youtube.   I will post a price list here on the SWAMPCO BLOG  & if you are interested in buying something you will email your list to  First come first serve.  See you for Happy Hour on...

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Now available at SWAMP are 7 variants of my new mini-print "The Beginning"! I've been wanting to make these as mini prints for awhile and decided to get em done for this holiday season! Put a little love on your wall or your friends wall with some humpin' dino's!! Also available as a t-shirt and the enamel pins are back in stock!  Dont forget to check out the "Enjoy the Ride" Button-up, skate shirts and other stuff on sale! I hope this email finds you healthy & happy!Lindsey

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Stay Safe and please go VOTE!

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