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As you might know this summer The "Tool Bio Comic book" was released with a special Limited LxKuhn cover of the original Dino("The Beginning") art from the GJ/Tool New Years Eve 1991 poster.  I received a few of them during the Wasatch comic con I participated in this summer in Utah.

You get a choice of giant enamel pin color either-

1)"PINK EYE" pin edition of 30 or
2) "LIME GREEN" Pin edition of 30

The choice is yours! 

The Enamel Pins measure 5" tall x 4" wide!  Pin it to your favorite shirt, Tall Hat, backpack, curtain.... OR put it on your wall!!!!  It comes on a nice thick 5"x7" background card of many mushrooms that can be dropped into a  frame to make a 3d Artifact for your wall or shelf!!  This item celebrates Life, Art & Fun!  And of course the upcoming 30th anniversary of LxKuhn's 1st screen printed rock poster from which the design came from!!! 

Due to the packaging costs to protect these items during shipping "Priorty mail" or UPS will be the only way to ship.  Please do not choose first class mail. Thank you.

***Official Tool Kuhn Cover Comic Breakdown for you collectors***

1000 total comics were produced with 2 different covers.

Regular cover version on thick Matte Paper 600
Regular cover version on Metal 100 
Psychedelic Variant on thick Matte Paper 250, selling today
Psychedelic Variant on Metal 50 

All Comics that are ordered from Swamp Will be Signed by LxKuhn.

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